Painting is a way of communicating vision and experience so that it reaches beyond a single moment in time. What fills our hearts and spills over must be shared.

"Watercolor and ink" first appeared as individual drawings and ideas on its first exhibit in Tijuana B.C in 2011, over the  next year became a significant part of the signature art and style of the artist adding more pieces to the series.

 All original illustration by Tita Lopez. The pieces are hand drawn on fabrianno and arches watercolor paper
.the art of the watercolor and ink series reflects the emotional self and spiritual paths we each follow on our life's, the birds are the freedom or guides that show us our way as we balance life. love and friendships.

 This collection of illustrations embody the artist's stream of conscious, These visually poetic creations each possess a unique and spiritual character of their own.

the pieces are signed by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Tita Lopez Studio. 

 measures 10 x 6 inches and is unframed. Medium is watercolor and ink on paper.

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Hummingbirds 2013

watercolor and ink series 2011


 Girl in cage  by Tita Lopez 2012

                                                                    Caged heart  by Tita Lopez 2012
                                                                    measures 5 x 3 inches  
                                                                    Available $35.00 dlls

                                                   The girl above clouds 
                          by Tita Lopez 2012
                                                                     Available $70.00 dlls

                                                     Ballerina and cage   by Tita Lopez 2012
                                                                                                    Available $70.00 dlls

New girl in the  city By Tita Lopez 2012
                                                                                                     Available $70.00 dlls 


                       Bubble bird by Tita Lopez 2012
                                                                                    Available $70.00 dlls

                                                                 Chinese luck by Tita Lopez 2012

                                                                          My love  by Tita Lopez 2012
                              sold. Private collection

                            The ravens by Tita Lopez 20120  
                                   Only in Digital print $10.00 dlls    


Candy land By Tita Lopez 2012
                      Available $70.00

                         Birdy love By Tita Lopez 2012
                                                        Available $70.00

                            Waiting  By Tita Lopez 2012
                                                         Available $70.00

                            Child play  By Tita Lopez 2012
                                                         Available $70.00



                       Dreams fly high By Tita Lopez 2012
                                                         Available $70.00

                         Girl and cage By Tita Lopez 2012
                                        Available $70.00

                                                                 The raven collection 2012